Lisa van de Bunt

Prof. Dr. P.A.E. (Lisa) of the Bunt is em. Professor of Management and organisation business studies at the Faculty of Economics and business (FEWEB) of the free University in Amsterdam and Director of VDB Consulting.

From 1971 he has been working in consultancy, in combination with his University function. In doing so, he has specialized in issues of strategy and policy of companies, mostly in connection with mergers and internationalisation, and in management of change processes. He published articles in these areas, wrote and edited books and contributions to international seminars and handbooks.

He was in the Dutch media to speak and offer narrative on business issues and news. Lisa van de Bunt accompanied completed PhD research in areas such as logistics, e-commerce, purchase management, ICT and change management, health care, innovation and communication.

He has managerial experience in business, higher education and health care.

How to get in contact with him

Phone: + 31 235 253 788

Lisa van VDB Consulting