About us

Our Consultancy was established in 1982 in Bloemendaal by Lisa van de Bunt. Lisa van de Bunt is an experienced management consultant and professor. He is one of the founders of the Holland Consulting Group in Amsterdam.

At the time of his appointment as Professor of business administration at the Technical University of Twente (1987) he started on the development of his own consulting firm. Initially through a liaison with Twynstra Gudde Management Consultants in Amersfoort. In the mid-1990s he was appointed as Professor of Management and organization at the VU University in Amsterdam and VDB Consulting grew further. Meanwhile VDB Consulting has grown to a permanent team of advisors and a number of freelance employees.

Since its inception, the focus of our bureau is widened by integral business organization research and consultancy to communication consultancy and change management (incl. coaching and mediation). We help organisations to determine their direction and actually achieve goals. Our areas of expertise include support of works councils, merger guidance, and sound research-based business administration consulting, see also Areas of Expertise.

Logo VDB Consulting
Our house style is inspired by the painting ‘ Lake of Caprera ‘ by Simon de Heer from 1935. de Heer is a painter in the style of the Hague School. This painting shows a landscape near the heading in Bloemendaal, not far from where our agency originally was founded.

Further reflecting the choice for a classic painting in our house style is the design of the organizational field of consultancy we are advocating. We are not focused on ‘fast profits’, but want to deliver sustainable improvement. The results and the added value of the organizations we support are paramount. It is our objective to to help clients effectively specifically in areas where they lack in-house expertise. It’s essential that our staff have the skills, talent, creativity and perseverance. Just like Simon de Heer, when he painted the little Lake of Caprera in 1935.