Areas of Expertise

The Consultants from VDB Consulting work on management questions in diverse area’s and industries. Our departure point consists of multiple disciplines such as communication consulting, change management, and business administration research & consultancy including coaching and mediation. The leading thread in our work is that we want to make an improvement of any change. In addition, some of our specialist consultants can attend to changes in organizational culture as well as mediation. Through this section we would like to increase your understanding of our services.

  • Commercial research and consultancy
  • Change management
  • Communication advice
  • Coaching
  • Mediation
  • Other programs

Business Administration research and consultancy: which direction to go?

We answer questions focused on securing organisational objectives in the long (re) term and give concrete advice and insight on the subject. We believe in a business approach, taking into account all relevant aspects. For example, questions relating to mergers or acquisitions, the development of business concepts or the need for organizational transformation.

In this way we support defining, developing and implementing the strategies of multi-year improvement programs in the field of purchasing management for large multinationals. The purchase experience lag and supply chain bullwhip were addressed by our consultants, as well as the program development and the strategy execution were supported by VDBconsulting.

A mental hospital asked us advice in determining direction in the development of the cooperation between the hospital, the psychiatric ward of a General Hospital and the then Department of Health.

In the cultural sector we have a museum and a regional Orchestra assisted in determining a new strategy for reducing subsidy. Finally, we provide diagnosis and competition analysis to market opportunities and developments, and evaluation research to measure success and identify learning points.

Change management: how to change improvement?

We help clients to develop a management style with the emphasis on continuous change (organisational development). Life long learning is becoming the norm and very complicated changes are necessary (organizational transformation). Change management, for example, is appropriate if certain objectives and results do not match. The services we provide can vary from research, for example, to increase the understanding of the status quo to support in project management. On an individual level we can coach and mentor key executive persons in organizations. Finally we give workshops, seminars and lectures to promote the change readiness in organizations.

In close cooperation with all interested parties in this area, for example, we worked on the transfer of control and ownership of some business units from one owner to another. To this end, we have covered more interrelationships and interests identified and indicated to be necessary. Also, we have developed solutions for gaps and pitfalls, between objectives and results. In this way with all stakeholders we ensured that the transfer was successful and that all objectives could be realized.

Communication Consultancy: ‘ How do I tell my people?

Our communication consulting focuses on compiling (online) communication plans, policy advice and the development of communication strategies. We also coordinate (online) communication projects and we have a role in the implementation. Examples of the latter are:

  • Congress organisation
  • Integral organization of business conferences, including support (social) media and Web design.
  • Copywriting
  • (End-) editing of (online), newsletters, brochures and publications
  • Coordination and implementation of print projects: briefing designers and printing proofs, process control, assessment and guidance to final result.
  • Internet applications
  • Design and implementation of websites and application of social media. Monitoring of the editorial formula and the concept.

Coaching: how employees can increase their effectiveness?

We support managers and employees in improving their personal effectiveness in organizations. The basis for this is providing insight into the interrelationship of qualities, pitfalls and challenges. With these insights an individual can increase his or her personal effectiveness within an organisation, and any necessary (career) choices.

In contrast to coaching programs that are based on the traditional psychological background (problem-oriented) we use a solution-oriented methodology. This allows us to give practical results in a short period of time. The coaches also make use of their experience and knowledge of organizational structure and culture.

Meaning, thoughtfulness and sustainability are now becoming a major concern for organizations. Employees need an inspiring working environment and if that is not present they move elsewhere. Too bad because young talents can give the company new impetus. Some of our consultants have a sociological and theological background and make an important contribution to this theme.

We start from the self steering ability and the responsibility of the employee. Depending on the understanding of the employee a plan is drawn up together. Now the employee has an action plan with which he or she can go to work an make a meaningful change.


We provide mediation within organizations to resolve disputes. Guided by our organizational and human expertise we look for a solution acceptable to both parties, without going to court. The VDB mediators are recognized by and registered with the Dutch Mediation Institute (NMI).

Other programs

Apart from coaching programs, we also provide seminars on organizational change and leadership coaching. Custom made ‘ play ‘ management and team building sessions with specific attention to communication have in the past also had great success. Our added value is the combination of knowledge and understanding of group processes, individual development and the structure and culture of organisations.